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Response to Humanitarian Crisis

Devastating floods struck Pakistan between mid-June and November 2022, affecting 33 million people and claiming 1,739 lives. 20.6 million people were in need of immediate humanitarian aid while nine million faced the danger of living in poverty. In addition, 10.5 million people experienced food insecurity, and 1.2 million animals died. Over 2.1 million homes were damaged, and 7.9 million people were left without a place to live. As the issue was made worse by excessive rainfall, ongoing humanitarian operations were still essential.  

Zakat Foundation is committed to aiding Pakistan's flood victims by providing rice for food security and constructing affordable housing. This holistic approach addresses immediate needs while ensuring long-term recovery and dignity for affected communities. 

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Pakistan’s Enduring Trials

Our Impact in Pakstan

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438,667 Lives Impacted

365,814 Assisted with Emergency Relief

236,159 Nourished through Food Security

1,202 Lives Enhanced with Infrastructure/Development

26 Low Income Houses for Flood Victims

4 Mosques Built

1 Orphanage Built

1,100 Nurtured through Orphan Support

89,927 Revitalized by Water, Sanitation and Hygiene projects

256 Water Wells/Hand Pumps Installed

Stories of Change

Sow the Seeds of Food Security with Rice

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Ali Akbar

Mr. Ali Akbar shoulders the sole responsibility of providing for his family of eight. Previously working as a laborer, the life of his family was devastated by the floods. Zakat Foundation's support, including food and winter packages, brought immense relief and joy to Ali Akbar and his family facing dire circumstances. 

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Ghulam Hassan

Despite being 76, Mr. Ghulam Hassan remains a dedicated farmer. Floods took a toll on his livelihood, affecting his family of six. After facing months of challenges, Zakat Foundation stepped in to provide food and winter Packages, restoring hope and gratitude to Mr. Ghulam Hassan and his family. 

Captured Moments: A Glimpse of Our Work

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