Children playing from a donated Zakat water well.

Zakat Foundation in Pakistan

We provide a complete range of assistance for Pakistan’s most needy. Our recent emergency aid includes COVID-19 relief. Our workers and volunteers have equipped health care workers and other exposed essential workers with critical PPE (personal protective equipment) and more.

Since 2017, Zakat Foundation has created a globally recognized childhood educational campaign to combat one of Pakistan’s biggest problems. Most school-aged children have no access to school or cannot afford to go. Through its Solar on Schools — SOS — program Zakat Foundation donors have now lit up and cooled dozens of rural schools across Pakistan, and enrollment has skyrocketed in each of these schools. We have also implemented a growing Orphan Sponsorship Program for children; successful Vocational Training Centers; a wealth-creating Livestock Animal Husbandry Program; a robust Water Program that increases the country's water security; yearly Iftar meals that feed thousands during Ramadan; along with the distribution of thousands of pounds of Udhiyah (Qurbani) sacrifice each year from locally raised cattle with our Seasonal Islamic Giving Program.

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Help Pakistan Now

Emergency Relief

Help victims of disaster & violent conflict recover and heal.

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Orphan Care

Help care for children who can’t care for themselves.

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A Sadaqah Jariyah that provides clean water to communities.

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Providing access to education & creating powerful antidotes to unrest, distrust, & war.

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Seasonal Islamic Giving

Additional opportunities to provide more aid throughout the world.

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Food Security

Delivering urgent food in Ramadan & year round to relieve starvation.

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