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At Zakat Foundation of America, we consider any child without a parent — or a child who is utterly vulnerable and defenseless with incapacitated or missing parents - to be an orphan. This type of loss is a traumatic reality for millions of children worldwide. Your sponsorship provides food, education, hygiene, and other urgent aid to the sponsored child.

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Upon submitting your sponsorship, we will send you a profile and photo of your orphan within 5-7 business days. We will make every effort to accommodate your sponsorship request for areas that are unstable, such as Palestine and Yemen, however sponsorship updates may be delayed. For specific questions about orphan sponsorship in these areas, please contact Asrar Jaber. If you wish to manage/view your recurring orphan sponsorship(s) please login to our sponsorship portal.

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We invite you to reimagine orphan sponsorship with us. We say...

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What Is Included in Sponsoring a Child?

Profile & Photo Of Your Orphan

We understand that many people might like to see orphan photos, but we invite you to help us guard our orphans' privacy and encourage equal support for all children. Upon submitting your sponsorship, Zakat Foundation will send you a profile and photo of your orphan within 7 business days.

Annual Updates

Our dedicated field reps will update you on your orphan’s progress as you provide food, education, hygiene, and other urgent aid to your sponsored child. But most of all, you provide hope and a promising future!

Personal Connection

Since we don’t allow multiple donors to sponsor an orphan, your sponsorship is a one-to-one relationship. You will have the comfort of knowing that your dedicated support is changing the life of your sponsored child.

The Promise of A Brighter Future

With your continued support and love, we can make a significant impact on the lives of these innocent children. Our dedicated team shares the same passion for seeing all our children not just survive but flourish. Your gift gives vulnerable children the opportunity to achieve their dreams!

Do you have any questions? Read FAQs Your questions may be answered by our Orphan Care FAQs

I and one who fosters the orphan shall be like this in Paradise,' and he raised his index and second fingers together, slightly apart.”

Prophet Muhammad, on him be peace