Bias Impacts Lives

We changed our Orphan Sponsorship Program by removing photos because we realized how bias could influence all of us. But is there bias in charitable giving? We sought to find this out by conducting a study that asks Americans to examine their biases.

But first let's Define

What Is Bias in Charitable Giving?

Bias is when you give or don’t give charity based on an overgeneralization that is inaccurate or even harmful. Are Americans predisposed to giving to certain charities over others? How does it affect Muslim charitable organizations?

("Heuristics and Biases in Charity" by Jonathan Baron and Ewa Szymanska)

Predisposed: A new study asked 2,005 Americans to examine and describe how conscious and unsconscious biases might be affecting their behavior in all aspects of life.

Donors Wish They Had More Information

54% noted that they wish they were more exposed to information to help them overcome biases.

Headlines Can Affect Feelings

8 in 10 confessed they've reacted to an online article based on its headline.

In-Depth Reading Can Change Minds

But 89% ended up disagreeing with their initial reaction after reading the story.

When Can Bias Set In?

Others admitted their unconscious bias sets in when trying something different outside their comfort zones and walking into a store after judging its window display.

Diversity Is Different Than Tokenism

57% said they're used to being the only person from their racial or ethnic background in a given room. 89% of Asians or Pacific Islanders (total 117 respondents) echoed that sentiment. 65% of Black or African Americans (total 396 respondents) echoed that sentiment. 50% of white respondents echoed that sentiment.

Download full Predisposed Infographic here.