Other Ways to Donate

Matching Gift

Many companies in the US are very generous when it comes to supporting humanitarian causes and provide a great way to maximize your generous donations through their corporate matching gift programs. Employees from companies like Pfizer, Microsoft, and General Electric have taken the initiative to double their donations. See if your employer or company may match your donation.

Donate Your Car

Please call toll-free 1.844.920.4483 to arrange for your vehicle to be picked up by C.A.R.S., a trusted BBB-accredited company that has been working with nonprofit organizations for 11 years. After you have made the arrangements with a C.A.R.S. representative, the company will then assess the condition, year, mileage, and overall quality of the vehicle. Once the estimated cost of the vehicle is determined, Zakat Foundation of America will receive 80% of the vehicle’s worth. After this process is complete, C.A.R.S. will send you a tax receipt as well as a detailed breakdown of the vehicle donation.

Please fill our Vehicle Donation Program Form to donate today.

Donate Your Stocks/Mutual Funds

Please visit Zakat Foundation of America’s page on Stock Donator to donate your stocks/mutual funds or email our CFO at [email protected]

Donate a Waqf (Endowment Gift)

A waqf is a religious endowment and a type of sadaqa jariyah that refers to money, property, or other items that have been dedicated to the benefit of a certain charitable fund. Once something is dedicated as a waqf, it is prohibited from being used for anything beyond its intended purpose. For example, a waqf can be a building or property donated to start a school or to build a mosque.

Bequest to Zakat Foundation in Your Will

A “bequest” is a gift created through a Will, expressing that you wish to leave a portion of your estate upon death to Zakat Foundation of America for a specific program or as a general fund. By including Zakat Foundation in your will, you are providing a legacy for the needy men, women, and children who benefit from our work.

The Holy Quran and Sunnah clearly prescribe laws of inheritance, concisely dividing inheritance between family members and close relatives.