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Cards for Compassion

A Project That Brings Hope

We need your help to spread hope to others. Help create beautiful cards with motivational, inspiring quotes and messages to uplift seniors in nursing homes. The pandemic has affected seniors physically and emotionally. Let’s work together to show seniors that we care. We have already distributed 5,300 cards to over 38 counties.

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Community Service Hours

Typically, 5-6 cards count as an hour. Please send your name & email to [email protected] if you need us to send a note verifying the hours.

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Be Featured on our Page

If we like your design, you can be featured on our page or get a special shoutout on our social accounts! Make sure to stay connected with us @zakatus

Getting Started

You don’t have to be an incredible artist to help! These guidelines are here to help as you begin designing:

  • Remember that one (1) slot is equivalent to making ten (10) cards
    Example: If you want to make twenty (20) cards, you may sign up for two (2) slots.

  • Use cardstock instead of construction/printer paper for the base.

  • Take your time; these cards should be made with love and care.

  • You may use any fun materials you have: glitter, paint, colored pencils, stickers, sequins, scrapbook paper, etc. to decorate the cards.

  • We are currently focusing on making cards for seniors, so be sure to write uplifting, encouraging, and cheerful messages to put a smile on their faces!
    Note: these are not get well soon cards.

  • Envelopes are not necessary for the cards.

  • If you are having younger kids make cards, make sure there is adult supervision and please look through all the cards before sending them in to us.

  • Be creative!

Sign Up Here If you have any questions, please contact Nayma Kose ([email protected]).

Let’s keep spreading the love ♥
Bring hope to our seniors with beautifully handmade cards

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Our Partner


Altenew, a leading paper crafting company has shown us their support by submitting 3,000 cards for the cause.