Our Mission

We help Muslims carry out their Zakat duties easily and correctly and deliver these obligatory alms – and voluntary sadaqah charity from all caring people – diligently, effectually, and with dignity to the poor, the stricken, the war-ravaged, and the bereaved of all the world. 

Our Means

We collect Zakat payments and voluntary Sadaqah (charity) and distribute it to the divinely decreed eight categories of its direly needful and deserving recipients: 

  1. The poor, hungry and thirsty 

  2. The sick, the wounded, the plague-struck; expecting and postpartum mothers, and newborns 

  3. The refugee, internally displaced, and the forced migrant 

  4. The besieged, the subjugated, the victims of violence, and the persecuted 

  5. The debt-ridden, and children, women, and men in need of inclusive, quality education and empowering vocational training

  6. The inclined for advocacy of peace, equanimity, and the elimination of violence 

  7. Those striving to establish human rights, sustainable communities, food resilience, clean water and sanitation, and responsible consumption and production 

  8. Those who work to make this possible

We believe that charity purifies wealth. Charity exponentially increases its blessing and that the poor have a rightful claim to it.

We believe Zakat and Ṣadaqah (charity) are the twin guide rails that can properly center humanitarian endeavors in our world today. It is the clearest path to peace on earth and prosperity for all. 

We believe our role as a global humanitarian institution is to smooth these charitable avenues for all givers. We do this in order to multiply the blessings of your alms and offerings twofold: 

  • for you as givers 
  • and for the divinely intended recipients of your generous gifts in dire need of the profound benefits we faithfully convey to them from you 

We believe it is our solemn duty to channel your Zakat and Ṣadaqah aid into emergency provisions for millions in urgent need of relief.  

We believe it is our sacred purpose to direct your donations into studied programs that elevate the downtrodden and their dependents to situations of self-reliance and communal respect. 

We believe it is our sanctified responsibility to conscientiously apportion your Zakat and Ṣadaqah to well-conceived projects that galvanize the traumatized into revitalized communities of hopeful initiative and fruitful endeavor.

  • Provides both immediate and sustained relief to the disaster-stricken
  • Builds and underwrites orphanages, health clinics, and schools 
  • Feeds millions of the world’s hungry
  • Hand-Delivers millions of pounds of fresh, Islamically correct, humane Udhiyah Qurbani sacrifices and ‘Aqiqah meat to entire, needful communities on five continents 
  • Serves as a trusted, transparent, independently audited, top-ranked Zakat and charity resource 
  • Stands as a four-star, trustworthy, secure, and connected charitable resource for donors with irreproachable vetted and scrutinized practices and policies for humanitarian relief and assistance 
  • Minimizes every expense of its Zakat administration 
  • Maximizes and multiplies the effect of its charitable collections through monitored strategic partnerships and elimination of middle agencies