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National Preparedness Month

Our world is suffering. Climate change is on the rise, and we are faced with rising temperatures and heavy rainfall all over the country. So now more than ever, being prepared for potential natural disasters such as hurricanes, wildfires, and harsh winters is essential.

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Get Prepared & Help Others

As you plan and prepare your family for potential disasters, let’s not forget those who come from low-income communities. Vulnerable communities don’t have the basic necessities needed when a crisis strikes. We have been on the ground providing aid and disaster relief for 20 years to those who need it the most, right here in the United States and globally. 

How Can You Get Involved?

Our response teams will be providing 1,500 emergency survival kits to be used for any natural disasters. We distribute these kits locally to low-income families.

The emergency kit includes:

Flashlight, First aid kit, Survival blankets, Rope, Energy bars, Water, Clothespins, Soap Bar

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Please continue to support all of our emergency relief efforts in bringing those suffering here at home and globally the aid and relief they need to survive.