Social Media Policy

The following text serves as the official discussion policy for users of’s social networking tools. All participants in social networking features, story/blog commenting, and other forums are required to follow these rules, in addition to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of Zakat Foundation of America.

The following are the Zakat Foundation of America’s expectations for use of’s social networking tools. In order to encourage a safe environment wherein all opinions can be expressed without fear, Zakat Foundation of America reserves the right to remove, at any time, content or users from our social networking tools and forums. Thus, should consider a comment or user to be in violation of any of these conditions, that right may be exercised:

Cordiality chose to host social networking sites and tools in order to allow for engagement on the part of interested persons. However, in order to create a welcoming environment in which ideas on sometimes difficult topics are freely shared, asks that users: 1) direct comments and criticisms toward issues and positions, not opinions and people; 2) do not make personal attacks of any kind; and finally 3) at no point and under no circumstances make any comment that could possibly be construed as threatening, harassing, obscene, sexist, racist, or otherwise discriminatory.

Refrain From Use Of Obscenities

In the interest of a safe and respectful environment, we ask that no profanity or other coarse language be used when contributing to and interacting within forums.


Anything you post should be your own work. You may link to relevant content and to quote limited amounts from other people’s work with attribution and any associated copyright notice and consistent with “fair use” principles of copyright law. However, please do not pollute our social networking tools with extensive copy and paste jobs.

Brevity & Conciseness

Please make sure to stay on topic, and limit your comments to 400 words or less. reserves the right to edit your comments, in particular for brevity and clarity, but also other purposes. If you feel that our edits obstruct your point, you are welcome to remove the original comment.


Please do not share your personal information, nor the personal information of another, in any social networking tool.


While we welcome you to share your thoughts and experiences on a range of topics including politics, religion and other relevant information you’ve obtained, is not to be used as a forum for advertising, recruiting, campaigning, lobbying, soliciting, proselytizing or any other promotion.


Please report community members that you feel are posting abusive content or content that is otherwise in violation of any of the aforementioned guidelines. Do not engage users taking part in such activity, as you run the risk of your comments being deleted and your account suspended/deactivated by doing so. reserves the right to final say over its social networking tools, and may intervene to preclude or stop the publication of rumors, allegations, conspiracy theories, or other information which we know to be false or unsubstantiated.

Individual Responsibility is in no way responsible for the content posted by its users. We do not and cannot review all content posted to our social networking tools. You are solely and completely responsible for any and all content that you share with other users in the forum. reserves the right to review, screen, delete, edit and/or move any content posted to any forum. You have no reasonable expectation of privacy as to the content you share.