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Signature Projects

Sometimes there is a project that is so special it needs its own signature. And so, we created our Signature Projects Collection.

Sometimes there is a project that is so special it needs its own signature. We at Zakat Foundation of America realize our donors are visionaries and think beyond the realm of possibility. They look to make the impossible dream come true. And so, we created our Signature Projects Collection.

Our signature projects are those few projects where donors want to make a substantial lasting impact, where they want to contribute to something that is bigger than themselves. They are looking to honor a loved one, or pay tribute to a family member who has passed, or want to leave their own mark on a project.

We’re creating a culture of giving, providing innovative opportunities to build pillar projects that support your passion and make social change possible. Our signature projects will create lifelong relationships with donors and encourage active involvement with our bodies of work.

Be a part of our Signature Projects.

Please contact [email protected] if you would like Zakat Foundation to consider your contributions one of our Signature Projects — we can build something incredible together.

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Signature Project: India

Jamea-tus-Salehat School Project

“If you teach a boy, you’re teaching a person, and if you teach a girl, you teach a nation.”

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Proud Partners

Zakat Foundation is proud to be the primary funding partner.

Investing in Girls Education is one of the most effective global solutions for empowering women and girls. Jamea-tus-Salehat is one of the leading educational institutions when it comes to educating girls in India. Maulana Mohammad Yusuf Islahi is one of the primary leaders of Jamea-tus-Salehat and has dedicated his life to helping the underprivileged. He strongly believes in the right to a girl's education and has invested countless days fighting for this right. The renowned Sheikh Islahi initiated a movement to educate girls in poverty-stricken areas in India.

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The response from young girls and their families was overwhelmingly positive. Hundreds of young girls applied for admission to Jamea-tus-Salehat, but the capacity to admit such a high volume of applicants was very limited. Jamea-tus-Salehat purchased a larger property away from the city in an effort to support the demand. Today, an impressive 800 girls receive an education from Jamea-tus-Salehat.

Donate a Sadaqah Jariyah to educate girls at Jamea-tus-Salehat school in India who will lead and inspire generations to come. This initiative is under the leadership of Maulana Yusuf Islahi in partnership with Zakat Foundation of America.

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Signature Project: Lahore

Humanity Hospital & Medical Center Lahore

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Experts from the fields of cardiovascular health came together on World Heart Day 2019 to discuss the state of heart health in Pakistan.The findings were jaw-dropping.

Experts from the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) are reporting that people are dying at alarming rates due to cardiovascular diseases in Pakistan. It is reported that over 1,100 people were dying daily due to heart attacks in Pakistan. Ever-growing problems of obesity, hypertension, and diabetes contribute to this crisis. Lifestyle choices like smoking only intensify the problem. (source)

In an effort to help solve the crisis, Zakat Foundation of America is breaking ground to establish a 100-bed Medical Center of Excellence in Lahore, Pakistan, that provides compassionate, comprehensive, contemporary, and sustainable quality health care with a focus on heart-related disease.

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