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Islamic Experts On Zakat

One of the main pillars of Islam is Zakat. When you entrust your Zakat with us, you know that we will implement your Zakat properly according to Islamic tradition verified by esteemed Muslim scholars. We work directly with these scholars who are well-versed on Zakat to help us fulfill your Zakat obligation.

Meet Our Zakat Experts

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Advisor of Religious Affairs 

Imam Ibrahim AlDardasawi

The former Imam at the Islamic Center of Wheaton (ICW) 2015-2022, Shaykh Ibrahim completed the memorization of the Quran in 1999 with certifications (ijaza) and chains of transmission (sanad) for the narrations of Hafs and Shu'ba from Asim,And Qaloon and Warsh from Nafe'. He has a masters in Art of Islamic Studies of Quran sciences from The Islamic University Minnesota and a bachelors of Theology In Islamic studies from GTF (Indiana). He also has a BA of Computer engineering from Al-Israa university in Jordan.

Shaykh Ibrahim is recognized for his beautiful voice and speciality in the tunes of recitation (maqamaat) as well as his notable abilities in inshad. He has competed with high distinction in a number of Quranic recitals and nasheed competitions worldwide, most notably Sharjah Nasheed Competition in which he placed 1st in the world and the al-Hashimiyya Quran Competition in Jordan in which he placed second place. Shaykh Ibrahim also placed 3rd in the Arab Quran Recital competition in Lebanon in 2007, 6th in the al-Fateh Quran Competition in Libya in 2005, and 9th in the Malaysian Quran Competition in 2013. He lives in Wheaton, IL with his wife and four kids and continues to teach the recital and memorization of the Quran.

The Zakat Review Process

You can rest easy knowing that our information is thoroughly reviewed and analyzed. Our Islamic experts take the time to review all of our zakat-related content to ensure that you get the most accurate information that you need for your most pressing zakat questions.

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Do You Have Questions About Zakat? 

The Zakat Resource Center covers a diverse array of financial topics and questions to assist with calculating and paying zakat in an accurate and timely manner. The Zakat Handbook helps you learn about zakat essentials, your individual obligations, conditions, assessments, recipients, payment, administration, calculation, and more. Do you need to just calculate your zakat? You can use our zakat calculator here.

If you can’t find an answer to your specific question on zakat, we will have one of our experts review your question and get back to you with an answer. Just fill out the form below: