Women dance around the well in celebration. – Zakat Foundation of America photo


Construction Stages of YOUR Water Well

Zakat Foundation of America is making a month Water Day. The international humanitarian organization based out of Illinois is rallying a nation to fund 100 water sources in one month.

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Can Zakat be given to orphans?

Can Zakat be given to orphans? We answer this popular question.

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Black Muslim Representation Matters

The Black community has constantly been underrepresented when it comes to getting adequate health care in the United States.

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Why Representation in Muslim Organizations Matters

The perception is beginning to match the reality. The truth is leading us backward. So let’s take a step back.

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How Will You Warm Hearts This Winter

Zakat Foundation of America is ready to deliver 1 million tons of fire fuel to help keep the camps warm. Your donation can keep up to 10 families. Please, help today!

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Why Isn’t There Zakat on Diamonds and Gems?

Muslims must pay Zakat on wealth, but did you know that some forms of wealth are Zakat-exempt? Learn more about the nuances of Zakat on diamonds and gems.

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Who Is Exempt from Paying Zakat?

Not everyone needs to pay Zakat. Find out who doesn’t have to pay Zakat and why.

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What Is Niṣâb in Islam?

How do you use Nisab to calculate your Zakat payment? Find out what Nisab is and how it helps you pay your Zakat.

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Why Black History Month is Important to All of Us

We sat down with our Executive Director, Halil Demir, to talk about Zakat Foundation's vision for amplifying Black voices, championing social justice, and raising Black children with a legacy of power and pride.

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When Is the Right Time to Give Zakat?

If you have questions about when the right time to pay Zakat is, read this to find out more about timing your Zakat, how to calculate Zakat and pay it.

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The Importance of Zakat in Islam

The two important channels of giving through charity is by means of obligatory giving, known as Zakat, and voluntary giving, known as Sadaqah.

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Flooding Emergency in Refugee Camps in Lebanon

The situation in Syrian refugee camps is dire. They need your help!