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“Unprecedented Humanitarian Catastrophe” in Gaza

In Gaza, over 100 days of relentless bombing and a total blockade have led to a humanitarian disaster for 2.3 million people. Widespread famine fears are mounting as unprecedented starvation hits the region. 

  • 23,968 killed  

  • 60,582 injured  

  • 7,780 children missing  

  • 1.9 million displaced   

  • 15 hospitals partially functioning  

  • 339 educational facilities damaged   

  • 625,000 students lack access to education 

A total siege, deliberately cutting off residents from water, food, energy sources, medicine, and sanitation has been ongoing. The unprecedented assault has displaced over 85% of the population, half of them children. They require delivery of rapid, continuous, and massive aid to save lives now on the precipice of death. The people of Gaza desperately need your support. We are continuing to provide truckloads of aid, alongside hot meals, through the humanitarian corridor as it opens. 

*Figures reported from OCHA
Photo Credit: MAHMUD HAMS/AFP via Getty Images

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The people of Gaza desperately need your lifesaving donations now. We are staging aid ready to rush in as soon as a humanitarian aid corridor opens.

100% of your support will go towards immediate emergency relief: 

  • Provide emergency relief essentials for families in need 

  • Medical supplies, hygiene kits, and food ready for distribution 

  • Essentials of warm blankets and clothing 

  • Your support will help save lives

Photo Credit: Associated Press

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