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1 Million Kilos of Rice

1 Kilo = 2.2 Pounds
$1 sends 1 Kilo of Rice that feeds 1 Family.
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Your support feeds families, inspires hope, and empowers lives.

  • Lives Impacted 283,475

  • Total Kilos Shared 448,672

  • Total Bags Distributed 54,989

Stand united against hunger and create hope for vulnerable communities. Help us reach our goal.

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$1 = 1 Kilo of Rice for 1 Family in Need

Support our 1 Million Kilos of Rice campaign, fighting food crises in war-torn Afghanistan, unrest-hit Bangladesh, climate-challenged Mali, and flood-affected Pakistan. Your generous donation will provide sustenance to those facing hunger, making a significant impact in alleviating food insecurity.

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As their stories have vanished from the headlines, we must not abandon them. You can give your share and help lessen their struggles.

Stories of Change

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11-year-old Noorya Khan faces hardship due to extreme poverty. Unable to attend school, she collects and sells second-hand goods to support her family's needs. When she heard about people seeking to help the poor, she eagerly registered with our team. The family's happiness overflowed as they received rice, providing them meals for several weeks, and they expressed their heartfelt gratitude in advance.

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Feroza Begum, a 67-year-old waste-picker, faced immense hardship after losing her home to a natural disaster. With a paralyzed husband and two daughters to support, life was a daily struggle. Our Bangladesh Country Office provided crucial aid through a Food Security- Rice distribution, giving them sustenance. This compassionate approach not only alleviated their immediate food insecurity but also symbolized our commitment to empowering marginalized communities and making a tangible difference in their lives.

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Afo Tamboura, a father of 4 and a person with a disability, shares the profound happiness he experienced during our rice distribution. The distribution brought a sense of hope and solidarity to disabled individuals like him, fostering a strong community bond. Holding the bag of rice represented more than food; it symbolized belonging and support for vulnerable members. The act of generosity inspired Afo to promote inclusion and empathy within his community, reinforcing his belief in the transformative power of compassion and solidarity.

Feed Hungry Families Now