How We're Bolstering Healthcare in Pakistan

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Pakistan has faced repeated crises since the beginning of 2023, with over a third of the country being submerged in water due to monsoon floods and thousands of Pakistanis and Afghans in the country having to flee their destroyed homes.

One of the most urgent crises facing Pakistanis is that of healthcare access, with many lacking access to basic, reliable care and quality medicine. Read on to learn more and see how your Islamic charity can make a difference in Pakistan’s healthcare crisis.

The state of healthcare in Pakistan

Pakistan’s needy face a distinct lack of medical supplies, particularly in remote areas, as well as population-wide trends of obesity, hypertension and diabetes. It was also recently reported that 1,000+ have been dying daily in Pakistan due to heart attacks and this trend has only intensified due to poor dietary and lifestyle choices by Pakistanis over the years.

In addition, Pakistan was recently hit by record monsoon flooding which left over a one-third of the country underwater and left tens of thousands to abandon what was left of their homes and towns. This made the shortage of medical care available to Pakistan’s poor even more drastic and it became clear to us that both immediate and long-term solutions were needed. 

Our vision for Humanity Hospital Lahore

Humanity Hospital Lahore is one of our most ambitious signature projects yet.

With land we’ve purchased in Lahore, Pakistan, we’re ready to construct a facility that will revitalize Pakistan’s healthcare for the poor.

We plan to build a 100-bed medical facility that will deliver the highest quality care and will include labor, pediatric, ICU and urgent care departments and more, all with a fully-trained medical staff. Humanity Hospital Lahore will be a five-story building which will also feature a mosque, cafeteria, lecture hall and security office along with its own parking.

Help us heal lives in Pakistan by contributing at our Humanity Hospital Lahore page. Your sadaqah matters and together we can make healthcare both affordable and accessible for Pakistan’s poor.

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