Why Pakistan Flood Relief Is Still Needed

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Are people in Pakistan still in need of help seven months after catastrophic flooding?

As of 3 December, some 240,000 people in Pakistan are still homeless from last June’s catastrophic climate-change flooding, according to the Provincial Disaster Management Authority of Sindh.

About 8 million more remain dangerously exposed to disease- and famine-causing floodwaters, as estimated from United Nations Satellite Centre (UNOSAT) imagery and detailed in the December 2022 UN situation report Pakistan: 2022 Monsoon Floods.

Where are these people and flood lakes located?

They are mostly in the southern and southwest provinces of Sindh and Bolochistan.

In Sindh, the populations of the 12 districts remain deluged: Dadu, Kambar, Shahdad Kot, Khairpur, Mirpur Khas, Jamshoro, Sanghar, Umer Kot, Badin, Shaheed Benazir Abad and Naushahro Feroze.

Flooding victims in Bolochistan’s Sohbatpur and Jaffarabad are still largely displaced. 

What main risks do Pakistan’s flood victims face after so many months?

> Exposure – especially children and pregnant women – to a deadly quartet of dangerous water-borne and flood-related diseases:

  1. Malaria

  2. Cholera

  3. Acute watery diarrhea

  4. Dengue fever.

> Grave food insecurity has just this month pushed an additional 1.1 million people to Phase 4 on the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification system, the "Richter scale" of hunger::, and.

  1. High acute malnutrition levels 

  2. Extreme food shortages

  3. Hunger-related death

> Dire medicine shortages, especially in remote rural locations.

What is Zakat Foundation Doing to Help Pakistan’s Flood Victims?

Zakat Foundation has developed a permanent and trusted local humanitarian relief network – overseen by our own aid experts - over a 20-year period in Pakistan. We are not only in its major urban centers but deep into the remote areas of the country.

Since the June 16th climate catastrophe, we’re providing:

  • $500,000 in humanitarian aid toward long-term recovery projects

  • Temporary Tent Village Shelters and Floor Mats for the displaced

  • Emergency Food Packages & Warm Meal Services for the hungry

  • Winter Heaters, Fuel, Blankets and Clothing to remote health clinics

  • Emergency Medicines and Medical Supplies to remote health clinics

  • Hygiene Kits for the displaced

How can I help Pakistan’s long-term flood victims?

You can send lifesaving aid to Pakistan’s flood victims still in dire need. 

  • $200 sends a fully nutritious food package for 20 hungry people

  • $50 provides a food package to 5 people facing malnutrition

  • $45 puts a family in a tent with a floor mat

  • $35 rushes emergency medicines & medical supplies to remote health clinics

  • You can also give to Zakat Foundation’s $500,000 Pakistan Long-Term Recovery Relief by donating any other amount you choose.

We must help the climate-stricken in Pakistan who’ve suffered such catastrophic losses and for so long.

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