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Deadly Pakistan Floods

Climate-driven floods affect millions

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Pakistan is in a dire state of emergency. Currently, one-third of Pakistan is under water from these devastating floods. One of the regions hardest hit is Balochistan. With relentless floods snapping communication lines, getting emergency relief to the region has proved to be challenging.

To aid in the long-term recovery of the region, we are pledging half a million dollars in aid. We are already on the ground in remote areas focused on the most basic and immediate needs such as safe, temporary shelter through tent villages, food packs, warm meals, and medical supplies.

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“Our love for Pakistan runs deep. From the years we have been in Pakistan, we have seen the true resilience and strength of its people. We will do whatever we can to help them survive these floods.”

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We will focus on a long-term recovery plan that will involve all efforts to rebuild in Pakistan. From providing safe immediate shelter to medical assistance, we will work with trusted partners to ensure the people of Pakistan will be able to recover.

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