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Response to Humanitarian Crisis

Decades of conflict have inflicted unimaginable humanitarian crises throughout the region. Generations of Palestinians have struggled with poverty, and limited access to their basic needs. Citizens face food insecurity, inadequate healthcare, restricted movement, and more. All of this impacts their daily lives and prospects for stability. The Zakat Foundation has been delivering vital assistance to Gaza and the West Bank since 2001. Our continuous Emergency Relief initiatives have furnished life-saving aid during periods of unrest and aided in the repairing and reconstructing damaged homes. We've also empowered families and bolstered their livelihoods through greenhouse projects and affordable drinking water for livestock animals as part of our agriculture program. In Gaza, our Healthcare and Well-Being program has covered the costs of life-saving treatment for pediatric cancer patients and ensured they receive nutritious meals to help them during this challenging time. In the grim context of conflict, many orphaned children need support, we offer them access to education, healthcare, food security, and more. 

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More recently, Zakat Foundation is providing emergency relief amidst the ongoing crisis in Gaza which erupted in October 2023.

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Our Work in Gaza

Through a variety of programs, we are impacting thousands of lives. The occupied territory of the Gaza Strip makes day-to-day life an unimaginable struggle for its residents. Access to essentials and traveling is limited, which requires Zakat Foundation to increase our support and invest in the people. With your help, we are making a lasting impact on the lives of those who need it most.

Empowering Lives and Securing Futures

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Pediatric Cancer Hospital

In collaboration with local partners, we secure chemotherapy drugs, supporting medications, and enhance the holistic care for pediatric cancer patients, ensuring continuous treatment, nutritious meals, fewer referrals, increased family support, and reduced travel constraints.

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Greenhouse Gardens 

Our greenhouse projects furnish year-round sustenance and sustainable farming training to food-insecure families in northern Gaza, supplying small greenhouses alongside essential training in basic farming and vegetable production skills for disadvantaged households.

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Orphan Care 

We provide food vouchers to orphaned children from the poorest families and offer medications and rehabilitation services to sick children from similarly disadvantaged backgrounds, to address critical aspects of their well-being and quality of life. 

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Shelter Repair and Rehabilitation  

In partnership with UNWRA, we focus on home rebuilding and repair following civil unrest, aiding families in reconstructing their shelters and homes that were demolished in the Gaza Strip. 

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Agricultural Projects 

We aim to improve the livelihoods of rural Palestinians in the West Bank by enhancing agricultural output and income for grape farming families near Al-Khader Village in Bethlehem Governorate and expanding the storage capacity of 8 rainwater cisterns in the South Hebron Hills. 

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Paving the Path to Education 

We are enhancing the learning environment in preschools in Gaza by increasing access to sustainable sources of clean and safe water and electricity by installing reverse osmosis units and solar panels.

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Our Impact in Palestine

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453,707 Lives Impacted

14,688 Nourished with Ramadan Food Baskets

10,686 Meat Packages/households

2,023 Orphans

204,194 Emergency Relief Beneficiaries

91,221 Health Care Recipients

75,074 Ramadan Food Recipients

69,009 Udhiya/Qurbani Recipients

33,480 Education Beneficiaries

Stories of Change

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Twelve-year-old Zain, diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, lives in Khan Younis with his family. His father supports the family by working in a shop. With generous chemotherapy donations, Zain can stay close to his loved ones during treatment. He's eager to recover, reunite with friends and family, and return to school.

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Naeem Mohammed Abu Neqera, 57, lives with an extended family of seven, facing financial hardship due to his battle with lung cancer, which prevents him from working. His wife also suffers from health issues. They struggle to meet basic needs, but nutritious meat from the Udhiya/Qurbani program brings them hope in the generosity of those who support Zakat Foundation.  

Captured Moments: A Glimpse of Our Work

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