Abraham Summons a Nation

As the Final address of God to humanity — the Last Revealed Word He shall utter to us in this life — the Quran came down with an array of clear commissions.

Best Practices in the Month of Dhul-Hijjah

Dhul-Hijjah is the Hijri calendar’s 12th and last month, one of four the Quran sets apart as sacred, with Rajab (7), Dhul-Qi’dah (11), and Muharram (1).

Al-Adha, Qurbani and the Message of Sacrifice

the Word udhiya in the Arabic language refers to the animal that is slaughtered on the day of Eid Al-Adha. The three-letter root dad\_-\_ha\_-\_alif, from which both Adha and Udhiya are built, means “mid-morning,” the time when our sacrifice for Hajj is supposed to take place, after the Eid Prayer.

Types of Giving that Count as Zakat

Allah alone ordained Zakat in its totality. The Prophet, on him be peace, reportedly said:Indeed, Allah, Most High, was not content for a prophet nor any other to rule regarding alms [Zakat].

Meet Belkina

World Refugee Month. She had already gotten her master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics. Her country was rife with hyperinflation, food shortages and a lack of healthcare that plagued her people. She needed a way to put her knowledge to use. So in 2016, she fled her country, Venezuela

Meet Marah

Her name means “fun” and, despite growing up under war and siege, Marah is a young girl who you will always see smiling. Five years ago, Marah’s village of Khoza’a on the eastern borderline of Khan Younis, Gaza, was heavily attacked. Marah and her family fled their home as they watched it being bombed and destroyed.

Meet Muslima

It was only five days after Muslima’s arrival in Hyderabad, India, that Zakat Foundation located her. At 50 years old, Muslima has been widowed, persecuted, lost her two sons and forced to flee her homeland, Myanmar.

Meet Aman

Aman Rashida is a Rohingya refugee now living in Hyderabad, India. She lives in a small hut with her six children and three grandchildren.

Your Gift Arrived at Her Doorstep

Tucked away in a quiet and poor village in Kubangsari, Indonesia, is an elderly woman living in a small and dilapidated house. Seventy-year-old Nurul* receives no visitors, save for neighbors who occasionally stop by to give her what they can of the little food they have. Her husband died years ago. She lives alone.

Your Gift Arrived At His Doorstep

“This is not only a “ration” pack but a “happiness” pack. In my every prayer I will pray for Zakat Foundation and for the better health of the donors, may Allah bless you in every possible way!”

Your Ramadan Gift Already at Her Doorstep

Meet Nazmunnisa, a 34-year-old single mother living in the slum area of Karnataka, India. After seven years of marriage and giving birth to her third child, her abusive husband became intolerable and she divorced him.

Your Gift is at Their Doorstep

In a beach camp in Gaza, under deteriorating living conditions, lives 46-year-old Eyad, his wife, and six kids.