International Day of Charity 2023

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At Zakat Foundation of America, we believe in the power of charity to change lives, connect cultures and lay the foundation for a brighter future for humanity.

One significant day which celebrates this is the International Day of Charity, which occurs every year on September 5th with the goal of mobilizing individuals and organizations to help with global philanthropic and volunteering activities.

The International Day of Charity was created in 2011 to honor the legacy of Mother Theresa of Calcutta, who worked tirelessly throughout her life to help the vulnerable overcome cycles of poverty and distress. 

We believe that this wonderful initiative is a great way to channel Islamic charity into even greater good and we’re excited to share with you what we plan for International Day of Charity 2023. 

What we’re doing

This International Day of Charity 2023, we’re kicking off our Monthly Giving Circle.

When you give monthly with us:

  • Your support gains its value over time and allows us to undertake longer-lasting, more impactful projects

  • Your regular contribution ensures we have an even faster response to emergencies

  • You can rest easy and not have to worry about renewing your donation separately every month

  • You join an exclusive community which receive regular updates as well as connections with others in the community

Join our Monthly Giving Circle this International Day of Charity and create lasting change with your Islamic charity!

Sign Up Today Select "Make this a recurring donation" to set up your monthly giving.

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