How to Donate to Turkey Earthquake Victims

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More than 50,000 dead, many before their family and friends even knew where they were. The earthquakes that shattered Turkey (Türkiye) and Syria in February impacted millions of lives — twice. The Feb. 6 calamity struck hard, and two weeks later, it struck again.

Zakat Foundation of America was on the ground immediately both times. It worked through its Turkey (Türkiye) office to provide emergency relief wherever it could. Having an office in Turkey allowed Zakat Foundation of America to immediately provide medical supplies, food packs and temporary shelter to the victims. 

Disasters leave families in shambles when they do not have a disaster-recovery path. That’s why Zakat Foundation of America does its part to alleviate their difficulties, simultaneously taking short-term and long-term action in its emergency response.

As ground teams cleared rubble and helped address the most pertinent immediate needs, Zakat Foundation of America began developing a tent village in Adiyaman, Turkey (Türkiye). It gives needy families a secure shelter equipped with water facilities, irrigation, electricity, and essential amenities. Additionally, it gives daily access to a supermarket, school, and mosque. Those who require physical or psychological care can go to the ZFA Adıyaman Psychotherapy Center.

With over 900 tents available, each one can give shelter to a family of up to seven people. This tent village is a crucial resource for those who have lost everything in the aftermath of each disaster.

Tent village impact

One of the biggest factors in creating a village is physically representing community and the value of working together. Unity and solidarity go a long way in physically, mentally and emotionally overcoming distress.

The Zakat Foundation of America tent village offers its inhabitants a sense of normalcy: This is one of the main reasons there is a school along with basic necessities. Zakat Foundation of America believes that by providing shelter, basic necessities, and access to medical care, it can help bring a sense of ease back to the lives of the Turkey earthquake victims who have experienced extreme difficulty.

The tents are available to survivors of all backgrounds, building humanity amid tragedy.

Moreover, the village supports its local economy. By engaging local sellers for food distribution, Zakat Foundation of America can help boost the community and provide much-needed jobs.

Psychotherapy for Turkey earthquake victims

It’s common for earthquake victims to experience mental health issues including but not limited to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), grief, depression and anxiety. Zakat Foundation of America’s dedicated team is working to ensure Turkey earthquake victims receive the psychological support they need. 

Trained professionals will provide psychotherapy services for at least six months to help those struggling mentally to overcome challenges and move forward. Zakat Foundation of America is currently the only clinic offering psychotherapy services in Adiyaman and remains committed to supporting Turkey earthquake victims as they work to rebuild their lives. 

Your donation can shelter those who have lost where they once called home.

Donate Today Donate today to help maintain a safe haven for those in need.

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