Your Qurbani 2023 in Numbers

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Qurbani 2023 made the season of Dhul Hijjah this year extraordinary, as the global Muslim community strove to offer up their sacrifices for the good of the poor in God’s name. 

During these blessed 10 Days of Dhul Hijjah, you and your communities came together to impact the lives of hundreds of thousands around the world. Your Qurbani 2023 sacrifices were truly acts of selfless service and resulted in feeding so many who are desperate to have even one good meal per day. 

Your sacrifices reached countries like Ghana, Syria and Afghanistan to give the destitute the nutrition they desperately need through the provision of fresh Qurbani meat. Your sadaqah during this special time also gave Eid gifts to children in Palestine, India and the Philippines, bringing joy to their hearts and hope to their souls. 

We were even able to distribute your Qurbani 2023 sacrifices right here in Chicago, Illinois, out of our headquarters office to poor communities in the area.

In total: 

  • 313,805 total beneficiaries were served 

  • 385,275 pounds of meat were given

  • 57,997 families were assisted

  • 42 countries were reached

You can see these and many more statistics about how your Qurbani 2023 donations fed the world’s needy in our Qurbani Impact Report.

Thank you so much for making a difference in their lives this Dhul Hijjah 2023!

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