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Zakat Foundation, Gorham Church Feed Families for Thanksgiving

Zakat Foundation and Gorham Church staff handed out food baskets filled with healthful items to local Chicago residents for Thanksgiving.

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Letter of Gratitude to USAID and the Honorable Mark Green

Zakat Foundation and our giving community, stand with you in both your commendable solicitousness and upright relief action for the Rohingya, and we thank you.


Zakat Foundation Delivers Urgent Medical Tools to Mali Women

Zakat Foundation medical relief experts began distributing more than 12,000 desperately needed medical equipment around this African nation’s capital.


Humanitarian Aid En Route to Latin America

Zakat Foundation sends emergency humanitarian Aid to Latin America. Zakat Foundation of America to Venezuelan refugees in Colombia.


Day 2: Zakat Foundation of America’s Chicago Subzero Rescue

For the second day Zakat Foundation trekked into Chicago’s lethal subzero weather and wind chill to clothe and feed the city’s burgeoning homeless with blankets, coats, hats, socks, warm meals, and water.


Zakat Foundation Staff Brave Arctic Cold to Aid Homeless

CHICAGO, Jan. 30 — Zakat Foundation of America staff braved the coldest arctic weather in a century to hand out thousands of blankets, coats, hats, socks, warm meals, water, and hygiene kits to Chicago’s homeless today.


Zakat Foundation of America Presented with Congressional Award

U.S. Congressman Danny K. Davis’s office has selected Zakat Foundation of America as its Organization of the Year, presenting the award to Halil Demir, its executive director.


Zakat Foundation & UNRWA USA to Rebuild Houses in Gaza

BRIDGEVIEW, IL — Zakat Foundation of America and UNRWA USA have renewed their partnership through the end of 2018 to repair 40 houses in the Gaza Strip.


Zakat Issues 2017 Annual Report

Zakat Foundation issued its 2017 annual report on activities, effectiveness, revenues and expenditures. Zakat was able to help millions of poor and needy people in more than 43 countries around the world.


Zakat Foundation and UNRWA Rush Ramadan Food to Refugees in the Gaza Strip

Zakat Foundation of America donors and UNRWA have joined hands this Ramadan to deliver 772 UNRWA food assistance to nearly 4,000 of the most vulnerable Palestine refugees.


Zakat In Arab Newspapers

We publish for you the news, activities and events of Zakat Foundation of America as it has been published in Arab newspapers and news sites.


Zakat Foundation of America and Feed the Children to Feed Washington D.C. Families

Zakat Foundation of America will be joining forces with Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy and world anti-hunger organization Feed the Children to fight child hunger in the Washington D.C.