Press Release

Zakat Foundation of America announces launch of ZakatShop™ for serving humanity

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CHICAGO (Oct. 22, 2020) — Zakat Foundation of America is set to launch its first ecommerce site, ZakatShopTM, where 100% of proceeds from every purchase will go toward the organization’s life-changing humanitarian programs. 

The shop is scheduled to go live on October 27 and will feature its first offering of a streetwear collection that celebrates love for humanity amidst a highly politicized world brimming with hate and divisiveness. The collection’s design is inspired by the Prophetic tradition of spreading love, and is designed in collaboration with world renowned calligraphy and typography artist and founder of, Qasim Arif. 

Zakat Foundation commits to directing 100% of all proceeds from ZakatShop purchases to charity through its 20-year track record and four-star-Charity-Navigator accredited, life-saving programs in over 40 countries and five continents around the world. The purchase of one shirt will feed an orphan for a month, send a girl to school for a semester, feed an impoverished family of five, or help bring fresh water to a village in need.

“ZakatShop is a natural next step for Zakat Foundation; having established itself as a leader in providing relief and rebuilding lives for two decades now we’re excited to launch a humanitarian focused e-commerce division and collaborate with global artists to engage the public in practicing their purchasing power for good,” the foundation’s head of marketing and communications, Amna Mirza, says passionately. 

ZakatShop will continue to feature future collaborations with global artists and skilled artisans, including handmade crafts produced by refugee victims of war violence who, through Zakat Foundation’s Sustainable Livelihoods Programs, are coached to master a craft and gain economic self-reliance. Such products will include fine mosaic art, jewelry, calligraphy, paintings, and more; all of which are created with purpose, attention to beauty, and with the intention to do the greatest good.  

“We have been creating livelihoods and building self-reliance among some of the world’s most poverty-stricken people,” says the organization’s executive director Khalil Demir. “We’re excited, ZakatShop now takes our work full circle bringing the beautiful handmade crafts of our refugee beneficiaries — mostly women victims of war violence — to the public, and engaging our donors in sustaining the self-reliance among the poorest of the poor.”

Zakat Foundation invites all conscious global citizens to visit the shop at and use the power of their purchase to make a difference.