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Everything in our ZakatShop is created with a purpose, with attention to beauty, and with the intention to do the greatest good. When you shop at ZakatShop, you are saving lives and serving humanity. For it is humanity that connects us above all else.

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This Ramadan, 100% of the proceeds from your zakatshop purchase will go towards feeding families.

A $60 purchase feeds a family of five.


ILLM x Zakat Foundation

Introducing our newest collaboration with artist ILLM. Inspired by Prophetic Tradition. Designed by @Illmco. Brought to you by @zakatus.

A Shirt with Impact

Our first offering comes from a love for humanity.

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The Collaboration

We immediately connected with ILLM Founder, Qasim Arif, world-renowned calligraphy and typography artist, over a love for humanity. Driven by the belief that we all have a purpose in life, Qasim immediately resonated with our organization’s core value of “Humanity above all else.” With pen in hand, he captured one of humanity’s essential aspects: Hubb (love). This shared vision brought to life not only love for each other but the beauty of humanity. 

A Word from the Artist

400@2x wide Image

All of my work revolves around reminders I myself need. Through creating art and sharing it with the world, I hope that I might inspire others.

We wish for ourselves everything in the world, but do we wish the same for others?

In this collaboration with Zakat Foundation of America, their mission of serving humanity inspired me to reflect on the prophetic tradition of what it means to love another. 

This garment is a statement piece, a reminder to yourself, to not forget about others. I hope this helps you realign your intentions and understanding of love for yourself and for those less fortunate.


~ ILLM x Zakat Foundation

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