26,000 pounds of fresh food to reach Alpharetta’s hungry

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Alpharetta, Georgia (July 15) — Refugee and low-income families and communities are set to receive a total of 26,000 pounds in fresh food aid from Zakat Foundation of America this Friday, July 17, at 3 p.m.

The distribution is among dozens from the organization in recent months to benefit those with limited access to nourishing, wholesome food. The Ahiska Turkish Community Center of Atlanta will be a partner in the distribution, which features 576 fresh-food boxes that are 30 pounds each. It will be located at 675 James Road, Alpharetta, Georgia, 30004.

Forsyth County Police Department is set to attend to help with distribution in the suburb of less than 70,000 people. Zakat Foundation of America has distributed about 1 million pounds of fruits and vegetables throughout the United States since Memorial Day this year. This is in addition to 500,000 pounds of potatoes the organization worked with local farmers to give away, avoiding waste as the ongoing pandemic affects food accessibility.

Zakat Foundation’s food distribution totals are nearing 2 million pounds domestically since the pandemic reached the United States in February and impacted daily lives, a figure that does not include domestic and international Ramadan food packages and warm meals in April and May.


What: Fresh food distribution
When: Friday, July 17 at 3 p.m.
Where: 675 James Road, Alpharetta, Georgia, 30004