Waukegan Community In Illinois Receives Grant to Feed Families, Help Local Businesses

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Contact: Julie Contreras

When: July 10, 2020
Where: 505 S. Green Bay Rd
Time: 7:30PM

Waukegan - With some of the highest COVID cases in the IL suburbs the Waukegan community has been receiving help from Our Lady of Suyapa Sanctuary 
a satellite of Lincoln United Methodist Church they have been working hard to continue to provide food to help meet the food security gap, educational materials about COVID along with mask, soap, cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer to help prevent the spread of this dangerous virus in the community they serve.

The church received a grant from the Latino Policy Forum which was devised as a means to help local restaurants maintain their business, while also providing food assistance to the families of Waukegan IL. Funding comes from the generosity of the Lavin Family Foundation. 

Tonight, Our Lady of Suyapa Sanctuary in partnership with El Rey de Pollo Asado a local restaurant economically impacted by crisis will be preparing 200 meals and along with community volunteers will be distributing them to families.

Other partners who have been helping and continue to help provide for the community are the Zakat Foundation of America who have donated for this event over one thousand gallons of milk. Medline Industries has donated thousands of face mask for distribution also today. Grand Slam Laundromat has donated hundreds of $5 gift cards for FREE washes at their business located in Waukegan to be distributed tonight.

Julie Contreras the Pastor of Our Lady of Suyapa Sanctuary said, “We are working united as a people of God to provide the families with food and the tools they need to combat this virus and protect their families. Many immigrant families & businesses are suffering because they have no access to government programs. We thank the Latino Policy Forum & the Lavin Foundation for providing us with means to help the community both families and businesses.”

Hundreds of families are expected to drive through El Rey de Pollo Asado Resturant tonight where they will receive a 12-piece chicken dinner three sides and a dozen of tortillas. Also, they will receive 2 gallons of milk, face mask, hand sanitizer and other supplies.