Zakat Foundation in Palestine

Four million Palestinian people live in Gaza and the West Bank in precarious conditions. Overcrowded neighborhoods, blocked access to land and sea routes, excessive restrictions on movement and the lack of ability to grow food or import sufficient staple goods have all contributed to the high level of poverty and food scarcity that is found in both of these areas.

The result is a vulnerable Palestinian population and government agencies that are dependent upon international assistance to survive. Blockades restrict travel and cut off the basic channels of trade, imposing a tremendous burden on everyday life. Supplies for food, water, and medicine have been reduced and the economic repercussions are heavy.

Zakat Foundation of America has been on the ground in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank for over a decade, assisting with emergency aid following the outbreak of conflict, reconstruction projects to repair lost or damaged houses, and supplying vital medicines, clinics, and medical equipment.

Sources: UN Stats | World Bank | Pew Research Center

Vital Stats for Palestine

0 Population
0/1,000 Infant Mortality Rate
0 years Life Expectancy
0% Literacy Rate
0% Poverty Rate

News from Palestine

Blood on Ramadan’s Doorstep

Blood on Ramadan’s Doorstep

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