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A warm hat with a warm smile from a child ready for winter / قبعة دافئة مع ابتسامة دافئة من طفل جاهز لفصل الشتاء

Warm A Soul and Save a Life

The current global climate is enveloped in ongoing conflicts, natural disasters, increasing poverty levels, and an unimaginable number of internally displaced people as well as refugees. The winter months bring an added fear for surviving the bone chilling temperatures without proper clothing, heat, shelters, and food. Your support will give warmth to families desperately in need of protection from the elements. 

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Send Warmth to Give Hope

Help us reach our goal of supporting vulnerable communities during the cold season.

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Warming Hearts and Saving Lives

winter 2023 sharafat

Bi Bi Sharafat Noor

Balk, Afghanistan

A 33-year-old housekeeper and mother of four, struggles as the sole provider. Her housecleaning job pays close to nothing and oftentimes the lack of work leads to financial struggles and food scarcity. She expressed the difficulty of putting her children to bed hungry. Upon receiving winter suplies, she expressed her gratitude, stating, "Thank you, Zakat Foundation of America. Your bags of rice will feed my family for at least a month, and I won't have to put my children to bed hungry." 

winter 2023 karman

Mrs. Karman

Khiraj Kohli, Pakistan

Mrs. Karman endured a life-altering injury during the 2022 Pakistan flood, leaving her disabled. As the sole provider for her six-member family, the devastation made survival challenging. The flood destroyed homes, livestock, and crops, exacerbating their plight. Grateful for relief from the Zakat Foundation of America, Mrs. Karman expressed heartfelt thanks. The essentials provided now help them endure the harsh winter, ensuring the safety of her children.

winter 2023 simsek

Meryem Simsek

Gaziantep, Türkiye

A widow and mother of four orphans in Gaziantep, faced challenges after a past accident prevented her from entering the workforce. Despite difficult circumstances, her dream is for her children to study and contribute to society.  Meryem extends heartfelt thanks to the compassionate individuals who made her children's day special and prays for their well-being.