family cold winter 2022

Winter Relief

If you’ve been blessed with heat and warmth, we humbly ask you to gift winter relief to the most vulnerable and help warm a family all winter long. Help the displaced survive this winter.

What would you do if you had no heat source in the depth of winter? How would you keep your children warm? Countless refugees in camps burn garbage as a heat source — a choice that leaves them inhaling harsh chemicals or freezing in sub-zero temperatures. You can help them with essential winter aid.

This winter, help us send over 1 million tons of coal to families desperate for warmth. 

This winter relief will go to the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan, who have been through enough unrest, experiencing never-ending climate disasters and political upheaval. Winter aid will go to the refugee camps in Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, and the borders of Syria, where temperatures will fall dangerously low this winter. 

With millions displaced, we cannot abandon them. 

It does not take much to make a difference; it only takes courage and conviction to give.

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