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Response to Humanitarian Crisis

Yemen faces an ongoing humanitarian crisis with 21.6 million people in need. The country remains highly food-insecure, with 17 million suffering from food deprivation and 2.2 million children facing malnutrition. Displacement affects 4.5 million, exacerbated by natural disasters, and Yemen's climate vulnerability ranks third globally. 

Zakat Foundation, in collaboration with local partners, provides emergency food aid to famine-stricken communities. During Ramadan, we offer Iftar meals to thousands of malnourished families and deliver locally raised Udhiya (Qurbani) sacrifices. Our Livestock Animal Husbandry program supports farmers with cattle, addressing food insecurity. Additionally, we supply clean, life-saving water to combat waterborne diseases affecting children and communities. 

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Our Impact in Yemen

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144,172 Lives Impacted

7,657 Families Given Ramadan Food Baskets

7,680 Families Given Udhiya Packages

1,500 Livestock Distributed

165 Families Helped with Livelihood

12,000 Water Beneficiaries

1,000 Water Filters Distributed

10 Water Tanks Installed

1,200 Orphans Sponsored

Stories of Change

Empowering Lives to Secure Futures

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In a remote, war-affected region of Yemen, Ahmed and his family faced overwhelming hardships after losing his father to renal failure. They moved to live with his grandparents, but when they passed away, his family was left with a small piece of land and a crumbling house. Ahmed's mother struggled to provide food and education for her children, even traveling far distances to find work, with little success. Their future seemed bleak until they began receiving Zakat Foundation’s Orphan Care benefits. Grateful for your support, they now have a glimmer of hope, as it ensures essentials, like food, and stabilizing their fragile home.

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In a war-torn nation under siege, Mohammed and his mother faced extraordinary challenges. Struggling with rent, healthcare for Mohammed's breathing difficulties, and keeping him in school, life was a daily battle. Uncertainty loomed until they began receiving support from Zakat Foundation’s Orphan Care program. Grateful for this lifeline, Mohammed expressed his relief, explaining that the support allows for a medical procedure to improve his health, their rent being covered, and their electricity being on which is making an enormous difference in their lives. 

Captured Moments: A Glimpse of Our Work

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