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Response to Humanitarian Crisis

In the aftermath of the 2023 earthquakes, the humanitarian response must focus on health, psychosocial support, education, and social issues, acknowledging the prolonged impact on affected communities. Winter conditions exacerbated challenges for millions displaced by the earthquakes. Informal settlements house 1.6 million people in dire conditions. Health services are strained, and disease risks are high. Children, particularly 2.5 million affected, face traumatic events, disrupted education, and increased vulnerabilities. Türkiye's largest refugee population adds complexity, with 1.7 million refugees impacted, requiring attention to social cohesion. 

Since our establishment in 2001, Zakat Foundation has been dedicated to humanitarian work in the region. With a focus on aiding Syrian refugees since the civil war's onset in 2011, we responded to the devastating February 2023 earthquake in southern Türkiye by establishing a tent village in Adiyaman where families receive various therapies and educational programs to support their recovery.

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More recently, Zakat Foundation is providing emergency relief and ongoing support in response to the earthquakes that struck the area in February 2023.

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Türkiye's Enduring Trials 

Our Impact in Türkiye

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784,034 Lives Impacted

51,080 Ramadan Food Packages Distributed

8,172 Households Given Meat Packages

2,100 Orphans Supported

Stories of Change

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Mr & Mrs Şahin

Mr. Bedir Şahin and his wife Hanım Şahin have been married for 48 years and have 6 grown children. Mrs. Hanim felt the February 2023 earthquake after her night prayers. She immediately woke up her husband and son and they escaped their house safely. Considering the age and health problems of the family it was deemed appropriate to place them in the limited number of wooden homes at the Zakat Foundation of America Tent Village in Adıyaman. The family thanked the donors and the Zakat Foundation team in Turkiye for all their needs being met. 

turkey case study el haj

El Haji Family

The El Haji family, supported by Zakat Foundation's Winter Relief program, resides in Ankara-Altındağ. Originally running a grocery store in Syria, Mr. El Haji faced war-related challenges, leading the family to seek refuge in Reyhanlı, Hatay. Selam, the daughter with Down Syndrome, battles health issues due to insufficient nutrition. Mr. Huham, with his physical disability, relies on supporters of Zakat Foundation for his livelihood and provision of his family. 

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