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Response to Humanitarian Crisis

In 2006, a devastating famine struck the Horn of Africa, affecting over 100 million people. Prolonged drought and poor harvests led to intense poverty and desperation for food. With limited access to clean water, villagers had to travel long distances. Zakat Foundation of America played a vital role in relief efforts through its COVID-19 response, Emergency Food response and distribution including Ramadan Food packages and Udhiya/Qurbani meat shares, school supplies, clean water provision and infrastructure development.

Our Impact in Somalia

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901,131 Lives Impacted

288,750 Water Beneficiaries

137 Wells Dug

124,806 Health Care Beneficiaries

19,158 Ramadan Food Packs Distributed

27,794 Udhiya/Qurbani Packages Distributed

1,555 School Supply Recipients

3 Mosques with 12,000 Beneficiaries

Stories of Change

Life Flows Through Your Generosity

amina's case study


Amina, a widow in Yabal village, Somalia, faced the daily struggle of fetching water for her family and orphaned grandchildren. Walking over 90 minutes to a distant stream with heavy containers took a toll on her health and disrupted her grandchildren's education. Our intervention transformed Amina's life and her community’s. Constructing a sustainable well brought relief from water struggles, improving health and education. Amina expressed profound gratitude for this life-changing gift, praising the generosity of our donors. 

sokoreey's  case study


In the village of Kongo, Somalia, 64-year-old Sokorey Ibrahim Hayfow faced hardships due to the lack of a sustainable water source. Walking 90 minutes to the Shabelle River for water was exhausting and time-consuming. Our intervention brought hope by providing a nearby, clean water source, transforming Sokorey's life and easing her daily struggles. As the chair lady of the water committee, Sokorey vowed to protect and manage the water source to benefit her village. She expressed gratitude to our donors for this life-changing intervention. 

hassan's case study

Imam of Taqwa mosque

"I am grateful for Zakat Foundation of America's support in providing clean water access, overcoming challenges and benefiting our community.” The imam of Taqwa mosque in the Middle Shabele region of Somalia shares the community's journey to access clean water, made possible with our donor's support. Overcoming challenges like drought and insecurity, a sustainable water source enhances worship and daily routines. The community expressed gratitude and requested continued support in education and healthcare to further improve their lives.

Captured Moments: A Glimpse of Our Work

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