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Response to Humanitarian Crisis

Since 2016, Zakat Foundation of America has been actively providing aid through food security support during Ramadan and Udhiya/Qurbani seasons. During the pandemic, we rushed crucial PPE (such as medical-grade masks, gowns, and gloves) and other support to exposed Moroccans. Our Vocational Training program in Morocco has empowered local women with financial independence through various skills training and counseling. The Livestock program gifted cows to families, enhancing short-term milk production and long-term income and well-being. Additionally, the Education program included autism training for educators and a joyful summer camp for children aged 5 to 11, offering diverse learning experiences and creating cherished memories.

Bring Hope to Shaken Lives

More recently, Zakat Foundation is providing emergency relief amidst the historical earthquake that devastated Morocco in September 2023.

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Our Impact in Morocco

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23,316 Lives Impacted since 2016

1,657 Ramadan Food Distributed

1,038 Qurbani Meat Distributed

8,515 Ramadan Food Beneficiaries

11,752 Udhiya/Qurbani Beneficiaries

1,000 Beneficiaries from 3 Water Wells

Creating Brighter Futures for Children in Need

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3-year-old Karima lives with her mother and older sister in a small apartment. Her father's death left them with debts, and the mother had to work, leaving the children with her sister. They faced starvation, lacked necessities, and despite her efforts, Karima often resented her mother. Our Orphan Care sponsorship provided vital support, helping pay off some debts, regain confidence, and provide for her family. Although challenges remain, they have found hope and stability through your assistance, ensuring Karima and her sister can grow up in a more secure environment. 

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10-year-old Saad, who lives with his mother and younger sister, faced adversity after his father's passing. They struggled to pay rent and faced financial instability. Despite efforts to find stable employment, his mother could only work sporadically as a cleaner. Our Orphan Care sponsorship provided essential financial and psychological support, offering comfort and a caring presence. Saad, a quiet and diligent student, continued his education. Despite the challenges, Saad's family is finding stability with your support, ensuring both children can pursue their education and achieve their needs in a supportive community. 

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