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Zakat Foundation of America in Mali

Zakat Foundation of America supporters and relief experts have created one of the most successful and far-reaching health care efforts for women in the world. Your generosity has enabled us to partner with five medical clinics in and around Bamako, reaching more than 40,000 Malian women annually.


In Mali, years of armed internal conflict, inflation, and climate change have given rise to a severe humanitarian crisis. Relief Web reports that 9 out of 10 Malians suffer from hunger, and 1.5 million children face acute malnutrition. Additionally, over 400,000 people have been displaced due to conflicts, aggravating food shortages in rural regions. However, Zakat Foundation has been actively involved in Mali, providing essential assistance such as food security, orphan care, education, clean water, and more to those in need. Despite the challenges posed by ongoing internal conflicts, Zakat Foundation's successful implementation of six programs has significantly impacted, offering aid and relief to thousands of Malians, addressing food crises, healthcare needs, water scarcity, and other urgent issues.

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Since 2015, we have created one of the most successful and far-reaching health care efforts for women. The combined care at five medical clinics now reaches more than 40,000 impoverished Malian women annually with critically needed care services and medicine.

In addition, lactation specialists have now trained thousands of mothers in breastfeeding, a critical link in the vital infant nourishment chain preventing debilitating malnutrition. We have created an important Motorcycle Prenatal Care program that sends mobile medical workers out to villages, ensuring adequate nutrition for unborn babies and mothers.  

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Malians suffer epidemic levels of malaria. Much of Mali’s water is unsafe for drinking, causing serious diarrhoeal diseases in children, and inadequate shelter has made child respiratory infections common. Your gifts have further provided essential COVID-19 support during this global pandemic, including crucial PPE (personal protective equipment, such as medical-grade masks, gowns, and gloves). 

In addition, our acclaimed Livestock Animal Husbandry ProgramWater Wells as Sadaqah JariyahRamadan Iftar meals and freshly, Islamically, locally raised and slaughtered, and hand-delivered Udhiyah (Qurbani) sacrifice feed thousands of food-insecure Malians every year. Zakat Foundation donors also generously build mosques for impoverished communities, sponsor schools, and educational programs, and rush emergency relief to the desperate beset by natural disaster or victimized by conflicts.

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A Sadaqah Jariyah that provides clean water to communities.

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Food Security

Delivering urgent food in Ramadan & year round to relieve starvation.

Support Food Security

Lifting people out of poverty & ensuring their self-reliance.

Make a Gift to Livelihoods
Health & Wellbeing

Leading critical projects to heal bodies, minds, & souls.

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Seasonal Islamic Giving

Additional opportunities to provide more aid throughout the world.

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Providing access to education & creating powerful antidotes to unrest, distrust, & war.

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