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Zakat Foundation in Haiti

Zakat Foundation of America worked to alleviate the devastation of the 2010 earthquake with immediate Emergency Relief. Before this, the country suffered from crushing poverty. Zakat Foundation of America has worked to combat poverty with various programs such as Food Security and Seasonal Islamic Giving.

We believe in investing in long-term and sustainable programs for Food Security. Shortly after the earthquake in 2010, we supported the Haiti Farm Cooperative, which is located in the town of Thomonde in the Central Plateau area of Haiti. A total of 12,000 plantain trees, potatoes, and yucca (cassava) were planted on the farm shortly after. The fruits of these trees are high in nutrients and make up an important part of the local diet. 

With our Seasonal Islamic Giving program, we are able to provide thousands of hungry Haitians nourishing food during Ramadan and thousands of pounds of fresh, nutritious meat from local livestock that has been humanely raised from Udhiyah (Qurbani) sacrifice.

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