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Response to Humanitarian Crisis

Ethiopia, the second-most populated country in Africa, is primarily dependent on agricultural, with the sector accounting for 40% of its GDP, 80% of its exports, and 75% of its labor force. Agriculture, water, tourism, and forestry are all impacted by climate change, which also increases vulnerability to natural disasters due to internal strife and inadequate infrastructure. In April 2023, internal conflict in neighboring Sudan led to 60,600 refugees escaping to Ethiopia and requiring assistance. Starting with seasonal giving in 2006, Zakat Foundation has targeted relief efforts through food assistance, water projects, vocational trainings, education support and emergency relief.  

Our Impact in Ethiopia

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104,278 Lives Impacted Since 2006

5,093 Ramadan Food Packages Distributed

6,975 Qurbani Meat Packages Distributed

1,030 Emergency Food Packages Distributed

450 Sheep/Goats Distributed

17 Water Wells Dug

2 Mosques Built

1 School Built

2,000 Mosque Beneficiaries

24,840 Water Beneficiaries

Stories of Change

Empowering Families Through Food Security

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Muse Ahmed Nur, a 45-year-old disabled man with nine children and three grandchildren, faced adversity after a paralyzing accident and droughts devastated his family's livelihood. Through our Livelihood program, they received a goat and a sheep, providing hope, milk, and income. This transformation enabled two children to attend school, reaching the second grade, and Muse is deeply grateful for the support. 

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Sofia Ahmed, a mother of two in Addis Ababa, faced financial hardship and family challenges after her husband's passing. Struggling to make ends meet, she couldn't afford fresh meat for Eid. The annual Udhiya meat distribution by the Zakat Foundation brought immense joy, providing nutritious food and preserving Eid traditions. This lifeline eased financial strain, offering hope and heartfelt gratitude to the foundation and its supporters.

Captured Moments: A Glimpse of Our Work

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