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Response to Humanitarian Crisis

Climate change, natural disasters, and food insecurity are some of the challenges Afghanistan faces ranking as the third most at risk country for humanitarian crises. Unexpected disasters increase vulnerability which continues to disrupt lives. Severe malnutrition and acute hunger affect millions due to harsh conditions, high food prices, and economic struggles. 

Zakat Foundation is responding to Afghanistan's humanitarian crises, including the recent earthquakes, via food distribution and emergency relief. We address urgent concerns like hunger, malnutrition, and impending harsh weather. Collaborating with local authorities, Zakat Foundation underscores its commitment to the resilient Afghan people and the power of compassion during crises.

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Support Emergency Efforts in Afghanistan

More recently, Zakat Foundation is providing emergency relief in response to the earthquakes that struck the area in October 2023.

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Our Impact in Afghanistan

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636,966 Lives Impacted

506,956 Supported by Emergency Relief

624,966 Nourished by Food Security

6,281 Empowered by Education

6,000 Direct beneficiaries with Orphan Care

56,405 Food packages distributed

265,050 Meals distributed

53,405 Families supported

Stories of Change

Empowering Lives to Secure Futures

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Meet Nilab, an 18-year-old student in a community outreach program. Her dream of becoming a lawyer, defending the rights of Afghan women, was interrupted two years ago when the Afghan government collapsed. She lost the privilege of education and basic human rights. Nilab found hope in the Community Outreach Program, where she can continue her education and learn valuable life skills, offering her a brighter future amidst Afghanistan's challenges. 

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62 years old Sarfaraz, from the Dawlat Abad District in Kunduz Province, is disabled in both feet due to a bomb explosion. He has four children, one son, and three daughters, who are unable to work due to their young age. Sarfaraz expresses gratitude for the rice contribution from Zakat Foundation, offering relief and thanks the donors for their support during difficult times. 

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A Glimpse of Our Work

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Help care for children who can’t care for themselves.

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