Image of donations being distributed for Ramadan in Afghanistan

Zakat Foundation in Afghanistan

Zakat Foundation of America has worked to help the people of Afghanistan from our inception in 2001. In addition to Emergency Relief and Seasonal Islamic Giving, we have concentrated on long-term strategies such as Education.

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The education of Afghans — particularly girls, orphans, and university students from rural areas — is critical. Our program supports the full range of students' needs, from food and board, to travel, to books and instructional costs, including aiding teachers and professors. This has been among our most successful, sustained humanitarian accomplishments. Our dedication to aiding the education of Afghans continues. 

We have also focused on the ongoing food-security needs of Afghanistan’s most poor. We feed thousands for the entire month through our Ramadan Iftar meals. This is followed by the distribution of freshly, Islamically slaughtered, hand-delivered local Udhiyah (Qurbani) to thousands on Eid al-Adha. This is an important, reliable source of nutrition for families for months every year.

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