Can Zakat Be Used to Pay Debts?

Can Zakat be used to pay debt? We answer this common question in this post.

Giving Charity In The New Year (2020)

Start your 2020 New Year resolutions off right with an act of giving by supporting one of the Zakat Foundation's critical programs.

War and Humanitarian Disaster Strikes Syrians in Idlib

A massive attack by Russian and Syrian government forces in Idlib is driving a quarter million Syrian women, children, and men to flee for their lives.

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Ten Inspiring Hadith on the Importance of Charity in Islam

Apart from professing belief and prayer, charity is considered the third most important component of our faith. Here are ten insightful hadith about why charity is so important.

When Charity Matters Most

Times of difficulty in life are keystones of the human experience. It is during these times that charity matters most. Your gift can be the light in someone’s darkness. Consider making a gift to Zakat Foundation today.

Why Sponsor An Orphan?

End of year is a popular time to give back. Find out why this time is a great time to give back and learn how to sponsor an orphan.

Helping Children Around the World

Children are our hope, it is our duty to safeguard them. And if children are our hope, than empowering a child anywhere around the world, is empowering an entire generation to come. Learn more about helping children from Zakat Foundation.

Can Zakat Be Paid for a Mosque?

Can Zakat be paid for a mosque? Find out the answer and what the eight eligible categories of zakat are.

Why Giving Tuesday Is Important to Muslim Organizations

Giving Tuesday is a popular day to give back. Find out why this day is a great time to give back to Muslim organizations.

Halil Demir Presents at USAID Conference on Using Zakat to Empower Women

Halil Demir, Executive Director of Zakat Foundation of America, presented at the Breaking Gender Barriers Conference organized by USAID.

Larycia Hawkins Debuts ‘Same God’ Film on Her Hijab-Wearing Controversy, Visits Zakat Foundation

Larycia Hawkins visited Zakat Foundation of America offices on her film tour for her new documentary “Same God” about the divisive, two-month-long firestorm her stance ignited among evangelicals.

Zakat Foundation Feeds Striking Chicago Teachers

Zakat Foundation of America provided dinner to a contingent of Chicago Public School teacher’s, who are on strike until 20 November when all 25,000 Chicago Teachers Union members will vote on ratifying their 5-year tentative agreement with the city.