Why Giving Zakat With A 100% Donation Policy Is Important

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The Prophet Muhammad, on him be peace said, “Do not show lethargy or negligence in giving alms and charity till your last breath.” Charity is highly encouraged in the Islamic faith, and it is even one of the pillars of Islam: Zakat. As Muslims fulfill this major obligation every year, it is necessary that we are aware of not only where we are donating our Zakat to ensure it fulfills the parameters of this pillar, but we must also be conscious of how our monetary donations are being employed. 

Muslims may not be aware that some organizations utilize a percentage of each donation to cover processing or administrative costs, decreasing the funding that is spent on the actual charitable effort. While this added research may require more effort on behalf of the giver, it ultimately ensures that their money is being put to effective use towards the cause they intend to support. 

At Zakat Foundation of America, we are transparent about how donations are spent with a “100% Donation Policy”. This policy ensures that every dollar of your contribution is strictly reserved for needy people in terms of our Zakat fund, emergency relief efforts, and orphan sponsorship program. 

These programs allow our donors to support the needy to the fullest. You can be confident that your donations to these programs are strictly reserved for the causes you choose to support without any hidden fees. Next time you make a donation, be purposeful in how your money is spent by double-checking if the organization you are supporting has a 100% Donation Policy.

We will continue to maintain the practices which have earned us Charity Navigator’s highest “Four Star” rating for multiple years as we help the world heal.