How Can You Help Afghan Refugees?

smiling child with flood relief donations

The people of Afghanistan are reeling from shock after shock, with recent earthquakes and flooding adding to the already dire economic and political situation in their country. 

The numbers of Afghan refugees resettling abroad have grown significantly and these thousands of desperate individuals, families and children will be increasingly in need of support as this humanitarian crisis continues to grow. 

The situation in Afghanistan

The current situation in Afghanistan is dire. As of the beginning of 2022:

  • Over 2.3 million Afghans have been made refugees

  • 23 million Afghans are in acute food insecurity

  • 777 million Afghans have been forcibly displaced within the country

  • 1 million Afghan children are at risk of severe malnourishment

  • 80% of all internally displaced Afghan refugees are women and children

Both internally displaced Afghan refugees and those who have fled the country are in desperate need of food, shelter, medical supplies and more. Aid can often be hard to come by, and as the turmoil within Afghanistan continues to worsen, so does the availability of necessities. 

Sustainable humanitarian aid solutions for Afghan refugees must be continually provided, and we’ve been on the ground giving them what they need to rebuild their lives. 

Our emergency relief efforts in Afghanistan

We have been proud to serve the people of Afghanistan since our founding in 2001, providing emergency relief, education and even meals during the Islamic seasons of Ramadan and Qurbani. 

Since the beginning of the recent Afghan refugee crisis in 2021, we have increased our aid efforts and partnered with UNICEF USA to provide blankets, heavy-duty tarps, essential water and sanitation supplies and winter clothes to Afghan refugees in refugee camps during winter. 

Currently, we are providing emergency relief for victims of the 5.9 magnitude earthquake in the Praktika province as well as for those affected by massive flash floods that have occurred near the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

Thousands of Afghan refugees have been left vulnerable, and we will continue giving quality aid to them as they brace for an uncertain future. 

Let’s continue to help Afghan refugees together with our charity and prayers.

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