Winter Relief 2021

Imagine fleeing violence only to face the dangers of winter. As temperatures plummet, refugees have nowhere to go.

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UNICEF USA + Zakat Foundation of America

UNICEF USA + Zakat Foundation of America 

Partnering this winter to save lives.

Internally displaced Afghan refugees are huddled in camps and forced to live in flimsy tents with little protection from biting winds, harsh temperatures, and snowfall. With subzero temperatures, refugees, a majority of which are innocent children, will be forced to survive an extreme winter. Trust us with your donation this winter. Together, we have been on the ground — and in the snow — for nearly 100 years, providing humanitarian aid with dedication and integrity.

You can help by giving essential winter relief items

Gives 1 quality blanket to keep children warm all winter

Provides a family with 1 heavy-duty tarp for shelter from the frigid weather

Sends a family of 5 one winter kit with essential water & sanitation supplies during times of emergency 

Gives one child or adult a full set of warm winter clothes

Give to Afghan Refugees this Winter

Quality blanket

$7 x

Heavy-duty tarp for shelter

$12 x

Winter kit with clothes & necessities

$34 x
winter kit(s)

Full set of warm winter clothes

$46 x
warm clothes

Any amount helps!

Any amount $

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As you feel the warmth of your home this winter, remember those with no home and nowhere to go.