Eid Gift Ideas for Children

Children around the world are thrilled for Eid al-Adha’s arrival. Eid money. Gifts. Great food. But there’s still time to shop for those who haven’t made their purchases yet. The days of Eid are splendid, and each should be filled with joy & family connection as much as possible.

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Make Eid Gifts Educational

It’s easy to go the fun route with a new toy or video game, but this is a chance to go with an educational choice that can still be fun. For parents with children who love to read, a book from a Muslim author could be a great chance to ensure inclusivity and diversity in their literary choices. Depending on your child’s age and exposure to Arabic, a book in Arabic can help expand vocabulary that extends beyond terms found in the Quran, helping make the language sound even more natural to their ear and, over time, make the Quran easier to understand and read.

Choose Eid Gifts That Celebrate Heritage and Culture

Eid is also a wonderful opportunity to get your child traditional clothes that show their heritage, allowing them to celebrate their family’s culture.

Instill the Importance of Giving

Whether you’ve made your Eid purchases already or not, there is always time to contribute an extra $30 to make sure an orphaned child has a positive experience on Eid morning. Contribute to Zakat Foundation of America’s orphan sponsorship program, which ensures each orphan and vulnerable child gets shelter, nourishing food, health care, education, good clothes and, of course, Eid gifts.

Zakat Foundation of America’s orphan sponsorship program does not take any overhead costs. Once it starts sponsoring a vulnerable child, it does not stop until that child turns 18 and is thus no longer a child, or until that child is in a safe, sustainable lifestyle. Some of these children even go on to participate in other Zakat Foundation of America programs, receiving support until they no longer need it. This includes children in Mali and Ghana, who “graduate” from the orphan sponsorship program and move into vocational training programs that help them become financially independent.

Zakat Foundation of America’s orphan sponsorship is $50/month, but that rate goes up in hard-to-reach places like Palestine, or in Pakistan and Bangladesh, where orphans are also in boarding schools or orphanages. Sponsorship remains $50/month for the donor, but Zakat Foundation of America pulls from its general fund to ensure no child loses out on sponsorship once they have been admitted into the program.

Take the time to explain to your child that giving them happiness is only part of Eid, and spreading happiness as far as we can is another key component.

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