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Ramadan Mubarak

Your Zakat Matters

1 Million Kilos of Rice

A simple grain of rice can help feed a starving family, giving them hope in a compassionate world while empowering them to make a difference in their lives.

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Care for Kids with Cancer

Zakat Foundation of America has been providing comprehensive medical treatment and meals for pediatric cancer patients. Help make a lasting difference.

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Short Term & Long Term Emergency Aid

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake rocked Türkiye and Syria Feb. 6. Our teams are on the ground providing essentials, medical supplies, food packs and shelter.

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Brighter Future for Orphans

Orphans, one of the most vulnerable groups in society, lack necessities such as food, shelter, and education.

Supporting orphans during Ramadan is a crucial act of kindness and charity that brings immense reward. Make a lasting impact, and give them hope and a chance for a brighter future.

Sponsor an orphan, support our General Orphan Fund, or donate towards our Eid Gift project.

Ensure a brighter future for them today!

This Ramadan, I Intend To:

Make amends for unfulfilled fasts through compensation that will also benefit the underprivileged.

Pay Fidya or Kaffara

Our zakat experts are available to help answer your questions! Call them live Monday – Friday 3PM to 5PM CST

Dial a Zakat Expert Today (888-925-2887)!

Take advantage of charitable opportunities to accrue ongoing rewards in Ramadan.

Give Generously

Spread your donations across the blessed month (March 23rd to April 20th) by opting for a daily or last 10 nights automated giving schedule or a quick one-time donation.

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Your Zakat in Action

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1 Million Kilos of Rice

$1 + 1 Kilo of Rice + 1 Family = Endless Rewards

A simple grain of rice can help feed starving, flood affected families, and give them hope in a compassionate world.  

Zakat Foundation of America has started daily food distributions in Afghanistan and Pakistan to meet the needs of those caught in the vicious cycle of poverty. This Ramadan, support our 1 Million Kilos of Rice program. $1 a day sends one kilogram of rice to one family in need. Be the reason a child and parent sleep securely by donating today!

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Care for Kids with Cancer

Pediatric Cancer Hospital in Gaza, Palestine

Together we can make a significant difference in the lives of children facing cancer at Al-Rantisi Pediatric Specialized Hospital in Gaza, Palestine. 

Zakat Foundation of America is providing critical care to these children, reducing referrals of patients leaving for treatment, and bridging the gap between the hospital's services and patients’ needs since May 2022. 

By helping us provide comprehensive medical treatment, meals, and supportive medication, your donations give hope and a fighting chance to these vulnerable patients.

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Zakat Foundation on the Ground in Turkiye and Syria

Short Term & Long Term Emergency Aid

Turkiye and Syrian Earthquake Relief

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake rocked Turkiye and Syria Feb. 6, causing over 10,000 aftershocks, claiming 50,000 lives and affecting 9.1 million people. Zakat Foundation of America has teams on the ground providing relief, medical supplies, food packs and shelter. 

Our Tent Village in Adiyaman, Turkiye provides needy families with a secure shelter equipped with water facilities, irrigation, and electricity, and essential amenities. An onsite Health and Mental Health Clinic offers medical and psychological care. The road to recovery may seem long, but with your support we will continue to provide for both short and long term needs.

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Rooted in Transparency.

In 2022, 91¢ from each dollar donated went directly toward programs serving those in need. 4¢ went to administrative costs & 5¢ went to fundraising costs.

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Ramadan 2023 Donations