Calligraphy Artist ILLM Partners with Zakat Foundation For A New Way To Give

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At Zakat Foundation of America, we believe in the core value of “Humanity above all else.” One of humanity’s defining attributes is the ability to love and care for one another. It is what compels us to do the work that we do on the ground. It is what inspires our generous supporters.

We wanted to showcase that love for humanity in a way that was uniquely us.

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ILLM x Zakat Foundation: A Partnership That Was Meant To Be

Our team has long admired calligraphy artist Qasim Arif (known as ILLM) for his ability to use art to inspire others. When we reached out to ILLM, our mission to serve humanity resonated deeply with him. He reflected on Prophetic tradition and what it means to love one another. He created a bespoke design that is not only breathtaking, but also makes an impact. This shared vision brought to life a beautiful garment that spreads love and light to humanity.

This garment is inspired by the compelling hadith of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace:

“None of you truly believe until you love for another what you love for yourself.”

Harnessing the Power of Your Purchase

We wanted to create an online marketplace that showcases exciting limited-edition collaborations with artists and skilled artisans with 100% of the proceeds going towards humanitarian programs.

The power of your purchase:

  • Supports an orphan for a month

  • Sends a girl to school for one semester

  • Feeds an impoverished family of five

  • Helps provides fresh, clean water to an entire village

Help save a life today.

Shop Here If you are an artist and interested in collaborating with us please contact [email protected].

We hope that you are inspired by the ZakatShop to spread love  and light into the world.