By Tayeba Hussain

3 Ways to Get Ready for Ramadan

Ramadan is right around the corner, and if you’re panicking because you haven’t prepped for the month yet, do not worry. Here is a three-step guide will help you prepare for the month and — God-willing — will help you reach your goals.

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Prep Your Body and Mind 

Make sure you are mentally and physically prepared to fast. To ensure you are in the best shape to fast, try simple ways to move your body, like going on a 10-minute walk. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference this will make on your overall mood. 

Make sure you’re eating healthy. When you eat well, you automatically feel good. This will ensure you have the proper energy to go without food for a longer period. You can also start eating in smaller portions to prepare your body slowly. 

To mentally prepare for Ramadan, you need to start reflecting on what the month of Ramadan means to you. Planning out your Quran recitation or putting a list together of duas can help you understand why Ramadan is such an important month. Incorporating these things into your daily routine can help set up good habits that will remain with you even after Ramadan. 

Add Some Festive Décor/Food Prep

Ramadan is such a beautiful month, and decorating your house with festive lights and lanterns helps get into the spirit. 

Free up your time in Ramadan for worship by prepping your Iftar and suhoor meals. Make a list of easy nutritious meals in advance. Then, buy these items in advance, so you don’t have to worry about it during your fast. 

Plan Ahead to Give Charity 

Giving charity in the month of Ramadan brings countless blessings. During Ramadan, the Prophet, on him be peace, used to increase his charity giving. He was more generous than a fast wind in Ramadan. To honor his example (Sunnah), we increase our charity giving during this month.

If you’re thinking about donating to a charity, research charities you want to donate to advance. We recommend that you fulfill your charity obligations in Ramadan with an organization that is reputable, trustworthy, and top-rated Charity Navigator. For example, Zakat Foundation of America is a 4-star organization with a proven track record of humanitarian work

Set aside a charity budget and plan to give consistently all month long. If you need to pay your Zakat, here is a Zakat Calculator to calculate how much Zakat you should pay here. During Ramadan, keep track of missed fasts so that you can pay your Fidya and Kaffarah as well. 

We hope you have a blessed and productive Ramadan! A great way to keep track of your goals is by writing them down and sharing them with a friend or family member. Sharing with a friend can help you both stay on track with fulfilling your goals. May you increase your blessings during this special time of year.