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Zakat Foundation of America offering $20,000 in scholarships to high school seniors

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Volunteering and community service drives society forward. It’s that selflessness that brings communities together, and it’s community-oriented programs that turn people’s hope in humanity into action.

Teaching values like togetherness and helping others is a key part of building the foundation to a humanitarian, egalitarian society. To encourage such community-oriented selflessness and volunteerism, Zakat Foundation of America has set aside $20,000 in scholarships for high school seniors entering college who have volunteered with the organization or engaged in community service. 

This scholarship opportunity is to directly reward community service and support in high school, as engaging in it provides students with the opportunity to become active participants in their communities. The humanitarian nonprofit organization plans to distribute scholarships to volunteers in different regions throughout the United States where it has a strong presence.

Students will have to fill out a form, provide a reference, summarize the community service they’ve done, and indicate which college or university they got accepted into, as scholarship money goes directly to their two- or four-year school. The two categories for applicants are Zakat Foundation volunteer and community service volunteer. Applications open April 1 and close May 10, and they can be filled out here.

“We love all youth who take time out from their busy class schedules and activities to give back to their communities,” said Nayma Kose, Zakat Foundation of America’s outreach and community engagement manager. “It takes a special kind of high school student to look beyond just themselves, and we would like to recognize and honor them with the Zakat Foundation of America scholarships.” 

Six regions will each be receiving several $500 scholarships to provide to both applicant categories (Zakat Foundation volunteers and community service volunteers): Illinois, North Carolina, Delaware, DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia area), California and New Jersey.

Total scholarships vary by state as a way to encourage other states to increase their volunteer base so they receive more opportunities next year.