Zakat Foundation of America Supports Jordan with Education Initiatives


Chicago, Ill. (August 14, 2023) — A contingent of representatives, including Ibrahim Aldardasawi (Religious Affairs Advisor), from Zakat Foundation of America are on a humanitarian trip to Jordan, equipped with school supplies and a goal to create lasting impact for education. 

This group is eager to make a difference and support sustainable change through on-the-ground work and interacting with the community. The trip has several main initiatives: to provide school supplies for local children, to assist families with paying children’s school fees, and to motivate students to attend school through positive interactions and encouragement. While in Jordan, members of the group will also work with orphans in refugee camps and distribute food to the community’s most vulnerable persons. 

The August trip is a part of a larger ongoing presence of Zakat Foundation of America’s work in Jordan. In April 2023, the organization created the Amman Vocational Training center. The primary goal of this program is to equip youth and young professionals with essential skills necessary for their future success. The program offers a diverse range of courses, including Digital Literacy, Financial Literacy, English Language, Graphic Design, Hand Crafts, and Soft Skills. To date, the center has enrolled 369 students in various courses.

Both the education trip and the Amman Vocational Training center reflect Zakat Foundation of America’s dedication to long-term, sustainable transformation. In Jordan, the ZFA staff work alongside community leaders, volunteers and beneficiaries to ensure that assistance is provided through both short-term and long-term transformative means. Zakat Foundation of America hopes to continue to combat poverty and inequality by providing education and creating employment opportunities for vulnerable households.

Members of the community and press are invited to come and tour the headquarters of Zakat Foundation of America (located in Bridgeview, IL) at any time (appointment required) during typical business hours. We are also able to facilitate live or pre-recorded interviews with persons mentioned in this release or ZFA’s CEO, Mr. Halil Demir. For additional information, interview or media requests, email [email protected].

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