Zakat Foundation of America debuts ZakatCurious on USHUB TV

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As a trusted, highly rated charitable organization, Zakat Foundation of America has been answering questions about zakat for more than 20 years. 

Over the years, its representatives have answered questions in person, by email, on its website and through educational videos. Now, Zakat Foundation of America is the first humanitarian organization to have an original series on USHUB TV — ZakatCurious.

ZakatCurious premieres Nov. 25 on USHUB TV via

The series goes to experts to understand what zakat is, answering complex questions. Season 1’s host, Preacher Moss, features scholars including Joe Bradford, Ustadh Ubaydullah Evans, Imam Siraj Wahaj, Maryum “May May” Ali. Together, in the show’s four-episode first season, they go on to explain the impact and importance zakat has on the community. 

Zakat Foundation of America has been a leading expert on zakat and a key resource for Muslims around the world since 2001. The nonprofit helps Muslims carry out their zakat duties easily and correctly and deliver the obligatory alms diligently, effectually, and with dignity to the poor, the stricken, the war-ravaged, and the bereaved in more than 40 countries. 

Amna Mirza, Zakat Foundation of America’s chief marketing officer, said because the organization’s representatives answer zakat questions frequently, it made sense to make a series that simplifies the answers.

“ZakatCurious came out of a real need to demystify zakat for a generation that is sophisticated, tech-savvy, crypto-curious, and — above all — God-conscious,” Mirza said. “We’re the experts at using zakat as a vehicle for social change and have trailblazed our own innovative paths to engage with audiences across multiple platforms and programs. Launching this original production on an innovative streaming platform like USHUB made perfect sense for us, and we’re excited to be the first humanitarian aid organization with a series on the platform.” 

“USHUB TV, a new steaming platform dedicated to honoring and uplifting those working within the global Muslim entertainment world, is extremely proud to partner with Zakat foundation of America — a brilliant, innovative, and forward-thinking nonprofit organization that has a value system pertly aligned with the mission of USHUB. We believe this is just the first content collaboration between our two companies, with various new and exciting partnered projects on the horizon for 2023,” said Sohaib Ali, chief operations officer at USHUB TV.

Join Preacher Moss (as the Zakat Collector) and prominent scholars, community leaders, economists, and celebrities as they dive into all things zakat; the series takes a hilarious yet critical look at this vital pillar of Islamic faith.

Curious about Zakat? Explore clips of the series on our ZakatCurious page.

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