Youth Across the U.S. Build Water Wells with Zakat Foundation of America

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If you scan the North American youth scene this summer, you will find bands of youth bustling about to build water wells for the world's poorest countries. Moved by the global water crisis, and supplied with a Zakat Foundation of America Organizing Toolkit, their unleashed creativity has led to initiatives including a Movie in the Park, Cupcake Decorating Contest, Basketball Tournament, Night Bike Ride, Masjid Game Nights, Ice Cream and Pastry Sales, Parents' Night Out, Ticketed Community Dinners, Bowling parties and more.

This summer, young leaders have turned away from street corners, stepped away from their game systems and shopping malls, and have chosen to follow the footsteps of the Beloved (PBUH) by serving humanity. Ensuring basic human rights across the world has reciprocally restored meaning and spiritual vibrancy in their own lives.

Zakat Foundation of America invites student groups this fall to join the One Year, 100 Wells campaign and help build a water well with their own school/group's name on it. Upon signing up, your group will receive a toolkit that is designed to help you organize your project. Zakat Foundation of America will issue all participating volunteers a Presidential Service Award on behalf of U.S. President Barack Obama. A great addition to your résumé. To learn more, click here.

Zakat Foundation of America designs leadership and service-learning opportunities for university student clubs, schools, and community youth groups by connecting them to our humanitarian efforts in the U.S. and abroad. In the coming months, we will plant urban community gardens, empower refugee children, and mentor youth in disadvantaged communities.

To get involved, email us at [email protected]

Here's what some of our young activists had to say about the project:

"When people do not have the same blessings as us, we need to do anything we can to fix that. We, Neuqua Valley High students of various faith backgrounds completed the funds for one water well." Aiah Elessawy, 15, Neuqua Valley High School, Naperville, Illinois

"One Year, 100 Wells Zakat Foundation of America campaign is a phenomenal way to lend a helping hand that will benefit people in developing countries for a lifetime by providing an essential component needed to survive: Water. Regardless if you are in an enormous city, or if you're the only Muslim family in a small town, as my family is, I would suggest that all of you take action in supplying fresh water accessibility around the world." Nadeen Ibrahim, 17, Wiggins, Colorado

"I am trying to help…It feels so good to work for a good cause." Islam Amara, 12, Illiana Youth, Highland Indiana