Your Gift Arrived At His Doorstep

Mohammad’s Story

This is not only a 'ration' pack but a 'happiness' pack. In my every prayer I will pray for Zakat Foundation and for the better health of the donors, may God bless you in every possible way!”

Mohammad, a 33-year-old Rohingya Muslim, now resides in the Balapur Refugee Camps of Hyderabad, India, with his wife and six kids.

His journey wasn’t an easy one.

He fled to India with his wife and six kids from the brutal situation in the Rakhine state of Myanmar, Burma. To get there, he, along with his wife and six children, walked through the deciduous forests on the border of Bangladesh.

Barefoot and hungry, they traveled for days.

At first, they settled in Kashmir and Mohammad took up work as a laborer, but the community was not welcoming to the Rohingya Muslims. There were several attempts at his family’s life, Mohammad explained. Eventually, their hut was set on fire, and after four years of trying to settle in that region, Mohammad’s family fled once more. This time, to Hyderabad, India.

Mohammad arrived in Hyderabad with hope of a better life for his wife and kids but soon learned things would still be difficult, even in a different country. He was without a house and basic household items, he didn’t speak the language of those around him, and his job as a laborer didn’t make enough to feed all of his children.

Zakat Foundation, through its Ramadan food distribution program, found Mohammad, and he was given the Ramadan food pack.

“I am very much delighted for what Zakat Foundation is doing for me and my children. I can never forget this — receiving this food pack in the most difficult time in which I was unable to even imagine such items,” Mohammad said. “I don’t have any words to express my thanks for Zakat Foundation’s help. I can just say that because of your help today, I am able to feed my family in Ramadan.”

Someone’s donation, somewhere, was the reason Mohammad and his family found food in a time when they thought they wouldn’t have any. Where they could not find comfort and community, they found it in the form of a food package from a stranger thousands of miles away.

"I am very happy I can now have good food for suhoor and as well as iftar, all praise be to God!" his wife said. "I will be wholeheartedly praying for the whole-hearted people who donated to us this much items, may God reward them with more and more happiness."

Mohammad and his family also wished Zakat Foundation and its donors “Ramadan Mubarak.”

Your donation is the chance to bring a family happiness. Your donation is the joy of a complete meal. Your donation is a Ramadan not spent wondering if one’s kids will break their fast that night. For just $60, you can feed a family, and your donation can mean all these things.