Your Gift Arrived at Her Doorstep

Nurul's Story

Tucked away in a quiet and poor village in Kubangsari, Indonesia, is an elderly woman living in a small and dilapidated house. Seventy-year-old Nurul* receives no visitors, save for neighbors who occasionally stop by to give her what they can of the little food they have. Her husband died years ago. She lives alone.

When Zakat Foundation workers first visited Nurul, they noted her condition as “alarming.” She could barely hear, her vision had grown blurry, and she was unable to walk without assistance. At such an old age, she lived alone, without a husband or children to support her.

Despite her limitations, Nurul does everything herself. She eats little, subsisting on the humble offerings from her neighbors.

When Zakat Foundation knocked on her door with a food package, she greeted them excitedly. Her eyes filled with tears as she made a prayer.

Her neighbors were particularly happy for her.

“I pray Zakat Foundation will be more successful and continue to give goodness to the people of Kubangsari," said Ibu Ina, Nurul’s neighbor.

Who would think? People across the world remembered her in this month and somehow food would reach her by their generous giving.

Nurul is just one of the individuals who received a food package in the Kubangsari village and around the world this Ramadan. Countless families still await their hope for a warm meal each night.

*-Name changed to protect beneficiary's privacy